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A personal injury claim arises when you are injured due to an accident or action of another that involves negligence. Every auto accident lawyer at Liberty & Associates has the experience and knowledge needed when you are faced with any personal injury predicament. With over three decades of experience, the firm has the resources and is the dedicated Santa Monica bodily injury lawyer you need to follow through with your claim.

We will thoroughly investigate the facts of the accident or incident in order to determine the legal strategy to take in your particular situation. During your initial consultation, we will fully discuss your case, including potential sources of information not readily apparent, including potential witnesses, video and audio recordings which must be acquired quickly before they are recorded over, law enforcement reports, and investigation whose initial conclusions can be altered if quickly dealt with early on.

Every auto accident lawyer at Liberty & Associates is committed to providing you with personal attention throughout the course of your claim and will pursue every possible vehicle to obtain compensation on your behalf. Whether you have medical costs, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, or the loss of a loved one, our efforts will be towards maximizing your potential settlement.

Navigating legal issues in which you were injured is difficult. This is why you need a bodily injury lawyer who strives to provide our clients with caring and compassionate representation. Our goal is simple: resolve your claim fairly, effortlessly, and as quickly as possible. If your case requires that a lawsuit be pursued, rest assured that the experienced and successful trial attorneys at Liberty & Associates will have the same goal.

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Bone Fracture Attorney

Bone Fracture AttorneyBone fractures can be severe and life-altering. It is not uncommon for the forces involved in such high-speed car collisions to cause fractures of one or more bones. Fractured bones can be closed with no part of the bony fragments having pushed through the skin. Open wounds from broken bones can put you at risk for infection. Either way, they need immediate medical attention and management.

You need a bone fracture attorney injury attorney with experience handling bone fracture accidents who will connect you with medical personnel that can properly diagnose your injury and gives you the care you need.

Concussion Lawyer

Concussion Lawyer

Often referred to as the “invisible injury”, concussions and brain injuries are some of the serious injuries and are often overlooked by medical professionals, paramedics, and even victims. Often concussions and brain injuries do not cause visible symptoms until weeks, months, or years after an injury or accident has occurred. When you are involved in an accident, it may be very hard for even medical professionals to determine whether or not a concussion or other traumatic brain injury has occurred.

You need a well-versed concussion lawyer who will connect you with medical personnel to properly diagnose your condition and get you the necessary care.

Disfigurement Injury Attorney

Disfigurement Injury AttorneyThe first instinct is to protect one’s head and face, and for good reason. Injuries to the face can be life-threatening and are tremendously painful. They can affect the senses or a person’s outward appearance. The loss of a limb is a particularly devastating disfigurement injury that can require amputation, countless reconstructive and plastic surgeries, physical and psychological therapy as well as appropriate prosthetic devices.

A disfigurement injury attorney at Liberty & Associates will connect you with medical personnel that can properly diagnose your disfigurement injury and gives you the care you need.

Herniated Disc Injury Attorneys

Herniated Disc InjuryA Herniated disc is a serious medical condition where the spinal discs become injured and protrude out of the spinal column, resulting in a pinched nerve. An emergency room diagnosis of a herniated disc is rare after an auto accident because the tissues like a disc are invisible on x-rays. Usually, a patient needs a CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study so that a physician can identify the disc herniation.

Liberty & Associates will connect you with medical personnel that can properly diagnose your herniated disc injury and gives you the care you need.

Nerve Injury Law Firm

Nerve Injury AttorneyCar and fall accidents are a common cause of neck pain which can involve pinched nerves or nerve damage.

Nerve injuries can be among the most debilitating and mystifying injuries an accident victim can suffer. The most severe form of nerve damage is an injury to the spinal cord, which can result in quadriplegia or paraplegia. Nerve damage can impact feelings in the arms and legs which could be disabling, even if minor. This nerve condition can be triggered by a car accident and the associated trauma, particularly to the upper spinal region.

You need an experienced nerve injury attorney who will connect you with medical personnel that can properly diagnose your injury and gives you the care you need.

Spine Injury Lawyers

Spine Injury AttorneyNeck and back spine injuries can alter a person’s life dramatically, both physically and mentally. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that motor vehicle accidents account for 46% of reported spinal injuries. Unlike most auto-accident injuries, soft-tissue spine injuries are essentially invisible. In a common rear-end accident case, a victim’s neck and back are thrown backward and forward in a whip-like motion, which tears or stretches the soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Liberty & Associates will equip you with an expert spine injury attorney who will connect you with medical personnel that can properly diagnose your spine injury and gives you the care you require.

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